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Possible Uses/Capabilities

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We offer you a wide-range of business activities with helicopters in the field of aerial photography. From the low-budget range to the newest, state-of-the-art camera systems. We offer customized solutions for your project.

Live Broadcast

Live aerial photography from sport or cultural events, also actual news coverage, professional camera systems, and high-specialized staff can deliver high graphical quality material.
Live aerial photography from helicopters makes it possible to give you an unique emotional perspective, so you will always have an exclusive element. We willingly support your projects when questioned about the rapid developments. In reaching the realization of your wishes, our first priority is the cost-effectiveness feasibility. You will always become a cost-efficient method of approach for live coverage from our helicopters offering a maximized reliability and flexibility. This is the individual and transparent conditions. You will profit from our long-standing expertise in aerial photography/filming field which is allowed with the fast-paced technical development in the filming and broadcasting technique, to kep stride with the adapted project use. By using these state-of-the-art equipment, we can always succeed in bringing you impressive film.


Even though digital recording systems have replaced many productions in the traditional way of recording, both 16mm and 35mm camera systems are continuing to be happily used. Through our many years of experience in aviation, we can also film for analog camera systems in 16mm or 35mm format offering various helicopter mounts, where rolls of film are used. Here we use only current mounts from known manufactures, such as "Wescam" and "Tyler" in order to ensure high-quality recordings. Our proximity in the market, also enables us to always use the latest approved camera bracket which offer the best solutions to the individual.


We are happy to bring the realization of aerial photographs from a helicopter for you. You can use your photographs or photographers or use our helicopters with one of our experienced photographers.
To ensure professional and trouble-free images, we can build on each flight at least one side door of the helicopter. If the helicopter has a sliding-door, it can be opened during the flight by the photographer. Of course, the pilot will take responsibility of the security of the photographer and the special harness of the equipment.


The use of 3D camera systems on helicopters is no longer a rarity. Since the recording of 3D images requires highly stable camera systems and are only used by specific helicopters for the cultivation of the sometimes large components which come in question, we support you in putting together the technical equipment for your 3D production. Even with these projects, we maintain costly arrivals and departures of the helicopter as low as possible and use the qualifying transportation of all equipment at the best and most cost efficient price for you.


Due to its cost effectiveness and flexibility, in recent years aerial photography has been enforced with the Cineflex camera system. However, big productions especially still use the manufacturer Arri and Red camera systems to create the same look in the air, as on the ground.
For the best use of this and other systems on a helicopter, picking the right image is crucial. For this reason, we always choose the best one that best fits your needs, customized equipment, which in connection with the right helicopter, for the highest quality results. To stabilize your Red/Arri or helicopter mounts, we use the well-known manufacturer "Wescam" and "Tyler" and some more of the latest approved camera mounts available to offer the best customized solution for you.


In order to reduce costs, productions with low budgets often access smaller cameras like the Canon 5D. Despite their size, these models deliver outstanding images, therefore, they are happily used in helicopters for film shooting. Since small cameras often don´t have enough powerful image stabilization,  we use low-budget productions for special camera mounts which allow a high degree of cost-image stability. These mounts provide, in conjuction with the open side doors, a high level of flexibility and more than any other camera support, stability and cost-efficiency.

Air to Air

Fascinating images from helicopters or other aircrafts can only be achieved in human and equipment resources are optimally matched. From the model of the filming helicopter mount on the right, to the required flying of the pilots, a number of factors come together to influence the outcome of air to air photos.
This means that air to air shots are the most demanding projects which all involve a high degree of professionalism in order to create a great picture and keep costs in check.
We offer solutions that will allow you to use your own camera systems and offer complete solutions in which your DOP(Director of Film Helicopter) always has full control over the images.

Helicopter As A Prop

Helicopters are in many productions looked as a welcome motive. Helicopters impress spectators through its technical design and exclusiveness associated with them arouse emotions like no other aircraft. We help to try to keep the often significantly overestimated costs of a helicopter as inexpensive and easily available as possible. That we have a worldwide variety of different models available, we can always find the most suitable helicopter for you at the best possible price.

Projects Abroad

Through our many years of international experience in the field of aviation, we can film your movie project with the world renowned high standards achieved in this implemation. We are happy to assist you in the selection of safe, commercially licensed helicopter pilots and experienced flight movie movie camera stable suspensions in all regions of the world.
Our experts will be happy to go with you and discuss country-specific air-legal issues and point out maneuvers which are possible and that apply for the permits which are needed.

Shuttle Flights

Together with our division "Shuttle Flight",  we are able to offer photo and film footage with the transfer of your equipment or important people. Our colleagues are experienced and competent and will be as support for you whenever equipment or personnel need to be flown to remote places with time constraints, safety or insurance reasons from the transport by helicopter or charter aircrafts.
Even with short VIP shuttle flights, we support you with the appropriate service in the air and on the ground. For any questions, please contact us or visit us on www.shuttle-flug.com.

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