With Cineflex over Rügen

Cineflex über DänemarkIf recordings from the air are, suppose to be at high stakes, then one cannot go without the use of the Cineflex. For this exact reason, our client decided to use this technology to its full capabilities. Not only because of its panorama views, its zoom possibilities, but also due to its stability was the camera system wanted. In the early morning, our client entered the helicopter at the airport in Rügen, allowing us to capture a breathtaking sunrise as we flew our customer directly to the second film location in St. Peter Ording. After flights over the Wattenmeer our client left the scene at the Nordsee airport satisfied to say the least. With great weather conditions, our pilot and the operator were able to capture the amazing pictures from the aircraft. The client was sold on the use of the Cineflex.