Confidentiality is our priority, this is why you will find a selection of our operations.

RTL at Landslide in Bayern

The outcome of the powerful landslide in the Traustein area, which took the life of a Father and his 18-year old daughter, was only visible the next day via a film helicopter. With a side door detached, the camera team from RTL, was able to capture the strength of the landslide at a low altitude. The help of 300 people is only visible through the film helicopter, which was an amazing sight ... [more]

German Wave at Wall fall

The documentary for the 20-year-old anniversary of the German wall fall was enriched by Foto-film-flug.de with many amazing scenes from of a film helicopter. Breathtaking images show the deadly area from back then, and how it has developed over the years. With a Cineflex HD camera system connected to a helicopter, the route was flown that was known only for its War-time stories, by a ... [more]

Architect Photographs for Himself

Almost for three hours, our film helicopter showed a well-known architect, together with its client, the region all around Osnabrück and Bremen. With a detached door, the experienced photographer was able to capture a large amount of objects. A worthy photo flight with great weather conditions, allowed for our expert pilot to have an enjoyable flight as well. [more]

Film Helicopter in USA!

Once again Foto-film-flug.de carried out a film flight in the United States of America. We made the thoughts of a Musik production company come to life in New York City. We used a special equipped helicopter to hover over the Hudson River, Madison Square Garden, and the breathtaking skyline of Manhatten. The pilot made his way around these areas several times, to truly capture the culture ... [more]

Cineflex for ARD Film

This past Sunday at the airport in Schwarze Heide, with beautiful weather conditions, one was able to watch a filming highlight. A Film helicopter took-off after an assembly of over two hours. The goal of these aerial views from Xanten, was to capture exceptional images for the upcoming action-comedy flick “Ein Fall für Fingerhut”. This was a production for the ARD TV channel ... [more]

Photo Flight on Opening Day

On Saturday, Foto-film-flug.de completed another successful photo flight in the Ruhrgebiet. With the opening of a market of a large building chain, a photo helicopter was used to record out of the air. Our experienced pilot circled over the parking area and the environment, and so had a long stretch of different views. At the same time, impressive recordings of the enthused visitors were ... [more]

Image Film from the Air

For one of the leading groceries discounters, Foto-film-flug.de filmed some business parts in Cologne and the vicinity of Karlsruhe from the air. By way of a Tyler Mount camera suspension, which was mounted onto the helicopter, the camera operator was able to film without any problems from the eyes of the sky. The expert pilot was the icing of this operation, allowing for professional images ... [more]

Helicopter Film Flight for Galileo

The weather was great at the airport in Schwarze Heide this past Friday. After only minutes, the helicopter took-off towards the Duisburg campus, with Foto-film-flug.de and Camera operator Andreas as passengers. From here the Galileo traffic experiment started. Four marked vehicles were to travel from Meditherme to Bochum, around noon, when traffic is at a high. Every vehicle had a different ... [more]

Economy Day 2009

This year Foto-film-flug.de presented itself at Economy Day, hoping to give insight to people with interest in helicopter events. The event was held in the industrial hall in Bochum. Barkeeper Dennis, who had freshly served cocktails waiting, greeted all visitors. Discussions were held about different services offered not only in Germany, but also all over Europe. Foto-film-flug.de also ... [more]

Photography out of the helicopter

Perfectly undisturbed and unrestrained visibility was able to get the car house Steinhoff in hostage wind, with a special helicopter. In radiating sunshine, the special helicopter of photo-film-flight flew. de round around the well known car yard. Different telescopes and altitudes provided for perfect receptions. The picture series will be, to see in the next image pamphlet. [more]

Air-recordings from the Helicopter

In the north of Munich, some buildings were recently finished being built. Punctually to the launch of the real estate, Foto-film-flug.de was delegated to film the objects. The main task was to to capture the buildings without any interference. “For us it was not even a question, because from the top one can see the the buildings better”, a speaker of the construction company ... [more]