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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Where can we land?

Generally, we can land everywhere, if there is sufficient space and all permissions exist. Helicopters require a special permission if the plan is to land outside of an airport or make an out of country landing. In cases in which a carrier helicopter should transport goods over a longer distance, further permissions are required. In a normal situation, the pilot would be responsible for gaining all required permissions, and not the client.

How quickly can a helicopter be take-off ready?

We find the suitable carrier helicopter in a matter of minutes. Permissions should be in place after examining the landing field. You should plan your flight some days in advance. What is the max number of people allowed on-board? The amount of the people is dependent of the respective helicopter. Most helicopters can transport up to 6 people. A VIP helicopter can carry up to 12 people.

Which required time is to be budgeted?

The time spent on travel depends on your respective use of the film helicopter. You can determine the duration of your flights, as you schedule for how long the helicopter remains on site.

Can a helicopter fly in the dark?

Yes, film helicopters can fly at night. Photo or film flights can be carried out only in exceptions at night. A deciding factor is the equipment of the respective machine. Because different technical components are necessary to fly at night, which are usually only found in larger aircrafts, a flight at night is more expensive than a day flight.

What permissions must be obtained?

We will acquire the proper authorization for a landing outside of an airport. For some landing fields, an authorization may be necessary. The cost of obtaining a landing authorization is usually around 300€. It is the pilot’s responsibility to acquire landing permissions from either the German Federal Aviation Agency or the district government.

How fast can a Film Helicopter fly?

The travelling speed of film helicopters is about 140-270 km per hour. With an expanded or opened side door, the trip speed is less than 100 km/h. If you film with a Cineflex camera (Nose or Side Mount) from the helicopter, normal helicopter speeds can be reached with no problems.

What technology is used for Foto-film-flights?

We only use helicopters with the newest technology. Available are all camera suspensions, camera systems and transmission plants on the market. Doors and seats can be dismantled depending on the helicopter type, allowing other assembly parts to be incorporated into flight. The Tyler Mount/Gyro Mount are camera fixtures of the highest quality, just like the Cineflex which is used as a Side Mount or Nose Mount. Large helicopters offer room for film crews to fly along, with the best Camera systems and technology.

In what way can I use it?

For film productions or TV productions, taking pictures from another perspective or live outtakes of an Event from the air. The helicopter is the perfect solution!

Which security measures are in place?

We collaborate with licensed aviation businesses. All helicopters and airplanes are equipped with the most modern technology. Continuous check-ins and the selection of the pilots provide for maximum security. We have to abide by all security guidelines in the Federal Republic of Germany.

How much does a quote cost?

We will calculate costs of your film helicopter trip or event free-of-charge.

How do costs add-up?

We will calculate costs of your film helicopter or event free-of-charge. Our services always compute all possible costs that could clearly arise. Likely costs include the flight to and from your destination, authorization and landing fees, inspection fee of the airfield, outlay of a fuel truck, staffing needs, and the actual flight itself.

How do I book?

You can book all flights by just calling our office or faxing us your request. All of our future clients are welcome to stop by our headquarters @ Engelshaus in Wuppertal. Engelsstraße 6 Wuppertal, Germany

Which payment methods are available?

All photos or film flights must be paid completely before take-off. The payment can be paid via transfer, cash, check or credit card.

Which cancellation conditions are in place?

If there is a short notice cancellation, a fee will be due to cancel the booking:

  • 40% if you cancel 30 days or more prior to the booked service
  • 80% if you cancel up until 8 days prior to the booked service
  • 100% if you cancel within the last 7 days of the booked service

If a client cancels the flight after the helicopter has taken off from its current position, all incurred expenses must be paid. A cancellation during the flight by any customer, or in a case where a different cargo size calls for a shorter flight, the client will not receive a refund. When climate conditions do not allow us to put a chopper in the air, the client has the right to schedule a new appointment with Vendana GmbH. The re-scheduling of an event is free-of-charge.

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