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The Cineflex V 14 is the high definition, most modern version worldwide for camera systems. It offers a flexible, compact, high resolution and stable HD camera system. The Cineflex puts major emphasis on its perfect 360 degrees rotation capacity, its 195 degrees inclination and that it has a + /- 45 degree balance horizontal capability. The Cineflex is both automatic and manually controllable. The Cineflex can be used at speeds up to 320 km/h and still be fully operational. The Cineflex is equipped with a 42-fold Fujinon Optic and a 4.5 wide-angle Optic, which allows for filming from any height – even without permission for a low-altitude flight. We make all helicopters equipped with the Cineflex available to you. Due to the multiplicity of the Cineflex camera system, these HD formats can be exploited:

  • 1080i Interlaced mode @1080/59,94i; 50i -1080P
  • Progressive mode @1080/23,98P; 29,97P; 24P; 25P; 50P; 60P -720P
  • Progressive mode @720/59,94P; 50P

Get a picture for yourself of the technology. Look at the following webpage for a demo video of the manufacturer: Video view!

Possibilities of Attachment

Depending on the helicopter will be the type of aerial view one gets when filming. There are two possibilities for a Cinelflex to be attached to a helicopter, which is again dependent on the type of helicopter. As a Side Mount, which means the system is attached to the side of the aircraft. As a Nose Mount, which means the system is attached to the front of the aircraft. We will introduce both options to you, along with all the details to make a solid decision on a Cineflex camera system.

Side Mount
Nose Mount

Cineflex as Side Mount, small Helicopter

Einbau CineflexAt the beginning of the 3-hour installation process of the side mount, all necessary parts are set-up and prepared for assembly. The technician begins with the installation of certain lugs needed for fixating the Cineflex. Here you can see a small helicopter, which is a type R 44 Raven 2. With this type of helicopter, one can regularly see a Cineflex mounted on the side. All accessories are mounted to the backseats of the helicopter, which requires a row of seats to be detached from the aircraft. Because of the shortage of seats on a flight like this, only one other person other then the pilot and the operator, can travel next to the pilot in the front. Important components are a recorder for the filming, the control module for the operator and all necessary monitors on every flight. The amount of the monitors depends on the amount of the people that are travelling on any given film flight including a Cineflex. Everyone on the aircraft will so have its own monitor, allowing them to catch every view at all times. At the end of the installation process, ground test make sure of the correct installment of the Cineflex. The operator will adjust the filming format desired by you. A package with several high-class cassettes is on board during every flight.

Cineflex as Nose Mount, large Helicopter

More space, clearly a better visibility opportunity and better results will a larger helicopter have in store for you with the installation of a Cineflex. In the left picture, you see the inner area of a helicopter type ACE 350. The differences between a smaller aircraft are visible. The operator and the camera operator have more space. Both of them can sit in the rear of the helicopter, allowing them to film together and share sights with each other on the same large monitor. There is even room fro another person on this flight next to the pilot in the front of the aircraft. Smaller screens are available to any other passengers on the flight. The flight characteristics of a larger helicopter in connection with the assembly of the Cineflex as a Nose Mount can mean considerable advantages to your film sessions. Because the use of a larger helicopter also means higher costs for our clients, we carefully walk you through the details of every possibly helicopter option with an appropriate system. The filming angle plays a mojor role when recording. The Side Mount position, does not allow to film vertically downward, due to the helicopter cuffs. Frontal approaches toward objects are clearly better to capture with a Nose Mount. We clarify the differences when it comes to helicopter types, and will surely assist you when deciding on a perfect model.

Technical data

  • Signal Outputs: 2 HD SDI Outputs CHD-SP-Configurable, 1 Test Output (FBAS)
  • Formats: HD Duallink 4:4:4, Single 4:2:2 Picture Sensor 2/3 "HD CCD (H of 1920xV1080)
  • Lens: Fujinon HA 2x9, 7BE (Tele) 9,7mm, 410 mm until 19.4 mm (820 Extender) (42 Specialty Zoom) OBJEKTIV 2:
  • Fujinon HA 13x4,5 (wide-angle) Aperture F2 until F16
  • Record Format: DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD (100 mbit), Digi Beta (100 mbit) HD Cam (144 mbit), HD Cam SR (440-880 mbit), DDP Cam (25 mbit) Recorder Sony SRW -1, HDW S-280 / DVW-250 / DSR-45
  • Camera/Monitors: Sony digitally 2/3 "HD Camera HDC-1500 Sony Remote Control Unit RM-B750 Marshall 17" 1929x1080-HD SDI Monitor for Operator Sony (MD 9050-HD SDI Monitor for Administration)

Alternative to Cineflex

The Tyler Side Mount, also named Middle Mount, is a camera suspension that is suited ideally for ground recordings. At up to 70 km/h it enables a helicopter to fly sideways for pictures or filming, both from the front and the rear. The Tyler Side Mount offers a large measure of stability. By request, one can also use their own camera system in connection with the Tyler Side Mount. The Tyler Side Mount is used with the door open. To take out the side door is never a problem when attaching the camera device. The installation of the Tyler Side Mount takes place on the left or right side of a helicopter. Incorporating this system takes about 60 minutes. With the Tyler Side Mount as a stabilizer, we make sure that the weight balances out on each side.

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