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Camera sytems

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The Wescam is a veteran of the stabilized camera system used in the past for a numerous of feature films. The term "Wescam" comes from an American manufacturer whose best known system has established itself as an integral part of the film industry although its one of the older camera mounts because of its stabilized gyro external camera support. T he name "Wescam" has become a synonym for helicopter camera systems because of its gyro-stabilized mount.

In addition to digital cameras such as "Red" or "Arri" or a "Wescam" 35mm camera,  a large roll of film can also be installed into these. Depending on the usage of the camera, the assembly and calibration of the system can be several hours because of the high quality results in terms of image and stabilization, Wescam is the most used camera system.

The whole unit is controlled by an operator inside the helicopter. A control panel is used which allows a wide variety of setups and allows for a delay free signal transmission. We can also use the camera signal to a second monitor so that the director or DOP can see the images at all times to conduct his expectations accordingly with every live shot.

Stab-C Compact

The Rod-C Compact is a practical option for an external camera such as an Arri or Red attached nose-mounted to a helicopter. The Rod-C Compact 5-axis gyro-stabilized providing highly stabilized shots. Similar to Cineflex V14 HD, it is controlled by an operator from inside the helicopter. The assembly of the Rod-C is approximately 4-5 scheduled hours, as the entire system must be carefully balanced.

Flight Head

The flight head can be mounted on a Mitchell mount on the nose of the helicopter. It can rotate 360 degrees continuously, allowing a variety of perspectives. It is compatible to almost all professional cameras and can be operated from the inside of a helicopter with both a joystick and on wheels. The three gyros provide stabilization to the respective axes. The Fligh Head is mounted in about 60 to 90 minutes.

Tyler "Side" Mount

The Tyler Mount camera can mount in a 3-way circuit, which stabilizes and ensures shake-free images. This stabilization system is compatible with most camera types, such as Digibeta, Sony EX1, etc. A door from the film helicopter is developed, in that the hinges of the door frame will secure the camera.

Tyler Mini Gyro

The Tyler Mini Gyro is a favorable alternative to conventional Tyler Side Mount.

It has adjustable handles, an adjustable tilting carriage and a specially designed shock tube which absorbs vibration and supports the stabilization. Inside the holder is installed with two Kenyon K-8 Gyros, which enables through its opposing forces quiet recordings.

Before it can be filmed with the Tyler Mini Gyro, the stabilization system needs 20-30 minutes to start and achieve its final velocity and stabilization. To save battery power, the aircraft should begin directly after the starting time.


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