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About Foto-film-flug.de

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Experts for your Photo Flights

Foto-film-flug.de is your personal contact when it comes to aerial recordings. Whether it’s a photo or a film flight, are service provides you with expert advise on combing a camera system with a helicopter. After describing your itinerary to us, we immediately generate an offer for you. We make it a point to find you a suitable aircraft that allows you to fulfill your photo-flight wishes. Your concept is worked on right away with Foto-film-flug.de putting major emphasis on low costs.

Use of Film Helicopter throughout Europe

Foto-film-flug.de relies on years of experience and partnerships with several businesses, allowing us to give unbeatable film helicopter offers. All of our pricing includes the service of an expert pilot. Our experts have the knowledge to answer all of your questions. Just like in all states throughout Germany, we offer our services all over Europe. We have global and reputable contacts that enable us to fulfill your wishes of any film helicopter inquiry. We have competitive pricing, lots of flexibility and above all our services are fast and precise. We take pride in security and guarantee that if a aircraft decides to fail, we will have a replacement in no time. With our network of film helicopters, we will make sure that your recordings are unforgettable.

Newest Cameras in HD Quality

Foto-film-flug.de uses all current suspensions for film helicopters. The two options to date are the Nose Mount or Tyler Mount. Through the newest high definition camera technology, the Cineflex HD for example leaves no boundaries for the quality and the presentation of your pictures. We have both camera options available for your individual use. Costs transparency through unique price computer Foto-film-flug.de has a price calculator that does not compare to any other on the web. We give you full insight on all expected costs. You get as much information as needed by calling in to our customer service. After booking your photo flight, your assigned agent will be able to be reached 24/7. If questions or concerns arise at any point before your film flight, please feel free to call our toll-free number.

Combine your Event with a Photo Flight

Foto-film-flug.de is a brand of the Vendana GmbH. We combine our different services for you, hoping to make that flight the most amazing experience of your life. We have our own event-marketing agency in house and can generate a special offer for you. If you want important guests to travel via helicopter, let us be your choice. Give away helicopter flights or breathtaking air presentations as a present or incentives at the workplace. Fly in a new product, making the most out of any business presentation. We work with your ideas and imagination, and set no boundaries to what we can do. Please visit our websites to check out all of our services: Foto-Film-Flug.de, Shuttle-Flug.de, Lasten-Flug.de, Event-Flug.de and our main site vendana.de.

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