Photo-Helicopter and Film-Helicopter

Whether at a stand still – or moving pictures, photos from sky views always offer an amazing outlook. Per Helicopter, it is possible to view building objects or its progress, to create pictures for new promotional campaigns, to generate film, TV productions or movie theater productions, to cover organizations live from the skies above, or to just simply view your own home from a bird’s eye view. Photo-film-flug.de is your competent partner for all aerial views. Contact us, so we can combine your wishing with a low-priced offer.

Spectacular Pictures from the Helicopter

The incomparable flight characteristics of a helicopter enable various recording opportunities. Take pictures in comfort while the Photo-Helicopter hovers over or next to the object being filmed. Use another type of optical zoom, which lets you adjust the height of the helicopter, allowing for pictures unlike anything else. These film sessions can become spectacular if one uses the speed, low-altitude, and flexibility the Photo-Helicopter has to offer. The take-off and landing scenarios are flexible, and airports are unnecessary.

Tyler Mount, Wescam, Cineflex HD

One can use old methods of recording, such as using ones own hands and a open door with expanded seating area, or the newest HD top technology, we can make any arrangements to fit your needs. Helicopter cameras are able to capture pictures at many different ends of qualities. All camera suspensions are available to you worldwide. Because of the newest aircrafts, it is possible for entire film crews to be on the same Photo-film-flug. Under our links “Possible Usage” and “Cineflex”, one can find several possibilities for helicopter camera use.


At Night Over Hannover

Photo flight at night on behalf of a well-known Scandinavian utility organized the team from Foto-Film-Flug.de aerial photgraphs of the soccer...

Cineflex Film Flight In Sweden

Cineflex use Gotland for the corporate video of an energy supplier in the past week, we coordinated with the Cineflex aerial camera system from...

Aerial photographs Over Harz

Last weekend in the Harz mountains, aerial photographs were taken with only a one days notice. A Cineflex camera system and a helicopter was...

Filming From Düsseldorf

Ready to put the movie experts from Foto-Film-Flug.de with Cineflex in a helicopter to shoot aerial photgraphs in Rheinland of all the famous...

Cineflex Film Flight Over The North Sea

Last Monday, the events of Foto-Film-Flug.de, including an experienced operator in Warnemünde. The advertising clip of a foerign mobile phone...

Mini Gyro For WDR

Winterberg with Tyler-Mini-Gyro, coordinated with the team from Foto-Film-Flug a film flight for WDR in Winterberg. For this documentary series...

With Four Helicopters At The Nürburgring

After the Cineflex operations in Italy, France, and Croatia were held on the weekend, all participants met again at the Nürburgring. The team...

Cineflex Helicopter In Croatia

After filming in France, the customer immediately began a journey in Croatia with the Cineflex shooting in Croatia accompanied by Foto-Film-Flug...

Cineflex In Monaco

Cineflex shots in Monaco were oraganized by the team of Fot-Film-Flug for several days in France. St. Tropez and Monaco were filmed reaching an...

Aerial Photographs Over Poland

A famous German media agency filmed from a helicopter in Poland using a Tyler Mini-Gyro, a film project. Despite the very limited budget, the...

Helicopter Cineflex Over NRW

The German series production team of Foto-Film-Flug filmed again over the NRW. To ensure the best possible quality of theserecordings, we used...

European Tour With Cineflex

Following the success of the aerial shots of Capri, our customer, himself, confirmed the outstanding performance of our entire team by booking our...

Filming For ZDF Film

Our film experts prepared a helicopter with Cineflex in Düsseldorf for ZDF(Second German Television). The experienced team of pilot...

Cineflex In Italy On Capri

With just a one day in advance notice, aerial photographs with Cineflex and a helicopter provided pictures of Capri with the Foto-Film-Flug flight...

Film and Photography In A Flight

Last weekend a photographer started with perfect weather, film flights combined with photos in the Hannover area. The team from Foto-Film-flug had...

Aerial Photographs Of Düsseldorf

The use of Cineflex at Düsseldorf Airport last weekend from Foto-Film-Flug had a camera-ready helicopter ready. Cineflex filmed a well-known...

Film Footage Of San Francisco

San Francisco flight movie- Tyler Mini Gyro was used for the opening of a new German series production. They made a variety of aerial photographs...

Cineflex At The Zugspitze

Cineflex helicopter at the Zugspitze this past weekend a German production company with the support of the Foto-Film-Flug.de flew directly to the...

CentrO from Above

The biggest shopping and leisure center in Europe, the CentrO in Oberhausen, surprises its guests every year by bringing in some kind of...

Photo Flight over Berlin

Taking pictures from the skies all over Europe is a daily task for Foto-film-flug.de. The city of Berlin seemed to have some minor hindrances...