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Photo-Helicopter and Film-Helicopter

Whether at a stand still – or moving pictures, photos from sky views always offer an amazing outlook. Per Helicopter, it is possible to view building objects or its progress, to create pictures for new promotional campaigns, to generate film, TV productions or movie theater productions, to cover organizations live from the skies above, or to just simply view your own home from a bird’s eye view. Photo-film-flug.de is your competent partner for all aerial views. Contact us, so we can combine your wishing with a low-priced offer.

Spectacular Pictures from the Helicopter

The incomparable flight characteristics of a helicopter enable various recording opportunities. Take pictures in comfort while the Photo-Helicopter hovers over or next to the object being filmed. Use another type of optical zoom, which lets you adjust the height of the helicopter, allowing for pictures unlike anything else. These film sessions can become spectacular if one uses the speed, low-altitude, and flexibility the Photo-Helicopter has to offer. The take-off and landing scenarios are flexible, and airports are unnecessary.

Tyler Mount, Wescam, Cineflex HD

One can use old methods of recording, such as using ones own hands and a open door with expanded seating area, or the newest HD top technology, we can make any arrangements to fit your needs. Helicopter cameras are able to capture pictures at many different ends of qualities. All camera suspensions are available to you worldwide. Because of the newest aircrafts, it is possible for entire film crews to be on the same Photo-film-flug. Under our links “Possible Usage” and “Cineflex”, one can find several possibilities for helicopter camera use.

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